The Red Nation Announces Newest Local Freedom Council in Santa Fe, NM


Santa Fe, NM, November 9, 2018 — The Red Nation (TRN) is pleased to announce its third local freedom council in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which officially launched earlier this month. The Red Nation-Santa Fe (TRN-SF) joins Albuquerque and Gallup in spreading the struggle for Indigenous liberation throughout the state of New Mexico.

In July 2018, the annual re-enactment of the Spanish reconquest of Pueblo peoples known as the Entrada was effectively abolished. While recent reporting on this historic decision has credited local politicians with the victory, TRN-SF reminds the people of Santa Fe that this victory belongs to the Indigenous women, youth, and allies who took to the streets in 2016 and 2017 to demand an end to this racist celebration of Indigenous genocide. It was not the politicians who courageously placed their bodies and hearts on the line to change history. It was not the politicians who endured the hateful backlash and repressive police response from the City of Santa Fe in September 2017. The Entrada would never have been abolished had it not been for the fierce and principled persistence of TRN, UNM KIVA Club, and In The Spirit of Popé (with help from the Santa Fe branch of Showing Up for Racial Justice).


Along with the establishment of Indigenous Peoples Day in Albuquerque, the abolition of the Entrada represents an important moment in the long-term struggle for Indigenous liberation. The toppling of racist holidays, monuments, and celebrations that glorify conquest and whitewash genocide is an important step in building revolutionary struggle. These types of changes inspire our people to have confidence. Confidence in the power of common people to change history. Confidence to believe that liberation from colonialism is possible. Confidence that liberation lives in all of us and will come to pass so long as we organize it into victory.

TRN-SF will build on the momentum of this historic victory to instill confidence in our relatives and build revolutionary capacity in Santa Fe. We have not forgotten all of the demands that accompanied the abolition of the Entrada. These include:


In 2017, we added a demand to end hydraulic fracking in the Greater Chaco Region. Like the bordertown economy of Santa Fe, which relies on Indigenous people to attract outside investment and spending, extractive practices like fracking exploit Indigenous lands and communities for the profit of others. Both types of exploitation are key components of ongoing colonialism in New Mexico. Meeting our demands is but one step towards accountability that Santa Fe can pursue given the profit it reaps from the continued exploitation and colonization of Indigenous peoples.

The founding of TRN-SF is a promise to Indigenous people of this region that our commitment to these demands has not waned. To the contrary, our resolve is stronger than ever. We do not seek permission from Santa Fe’s political and economic elite. We seek kinship with ordinary people to take action to protect and defend our human, land, and water relatives in the belly of the beast; in the seat of power in New Mexico. And with each new victory, we can’t wait to make new relatives in struggle and reignite the vibrant traditions of Indigenous resistance that we all carry forward. Join us!

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