Red Revolution Radio: The Four Invasions of Guatemala and Indigenous Resistance with Giovanni Batz — November 1, 2018

In this episode, Giovanni Batz — an Indigenous researcher, the son of Guatemalan working class parents, and the paternal grandson of K’iche’ Maya — talks about the history and struggle for Indigenous autonomy in the Ixil Region of Gutemala. His research interests include extractivist industries and megaprojects in Latin America, Guatemalan-Maya migration, displacement and diaspora, indigenous social movements, and human rights. He is working on a book project entitled “The Fourth Invasion: Ixil-Maya Resistance to Megaprojects and the Struggle for Autonomy in Guatemala,” based on research conducted in Cotzal, Guatemala since 2011. Batz has also worked with Guatemalan-Maya youth in Los Angeles and conducted research on the migration of K’iche’-Maya from Almolonga, Quetzaltenango.

Music: Marimba Chapina, “Luna de Xelajú”
Sara Curruchich, “Ralk’wal Ulew (Sons & Daughters of the Earth) 500 years song”