Red Revolution Radio: U.S. Imperialism and Guatemala with Giovanni Batz

In this episode, Nick Estes sits down with Giovanni Batz. We talk about U.S. imperialism in Central America, the Monroe Doctrine, Indigenous resistance in Guatemala, and Guatemalan elections.

Check out Batz’s talk “The Four Invasions and Indigenous Resistance” on Red Revolution Radio.

Giovanni Batz is an Indigenous researcher, the son of Guatemalan working class parents, and the paternal grandson of K’iche’ Maya — talks about the history and struggle for Indigenous autonomy in the Ixil Region of Gutemala. His research interests include extractivist industries and megaprojects in Latin America, Guatemalan-Maya migration, displacement and diaspora, indigenous social movements, and human rights. He is working on a book project entitled “The Fourth Invasion: Ixil-Maya Resistance to Megaprojects and the Struggle for Autonomy in Guatemala,” based on research conducted in Cotzal, Guatemala since 2011. Batz has also worked with Guatemalan-Maya youth in Los Angeles and conducted research on the migration of K’iche’-Maya from Almolonga, Quetzaltenango.

Music: Sara Curruchich (ft. Kontra), “Ser del viento”