Pueblx Feminist Caucus Forms to Fight Heteropatriarchy

Contact the Pueblx Feminist Caucus: trnpfc@gmail.com

Statement of Purpose

The Pueblx Feminist Caucus (PFC) serves as a political caucus within The Red Nation. Our purpose is to create a movement that specifically addresses the distinct ways that heteropatriarchy, colonialism, individualism, capitalism, and weaponized religion, and ableisim, has manifested in Pueblo communities. We do this through organizing that includes historical research and analysis, community education and mobilizing direct action and advocacy. All of the institutions named are those which seek to eliminate us completely, so we call for their abolition. The purpose of this caucus is in accordance with The Red Nation’s Principles of Unity and mission and Pueblo cultural core values. While Pueblo/a/x feminism is unique in having resulted from specific political, cultural, and religious structures imposed by the colonization and occupation of Spanish, Mexican, and United States governments, The Pueblo/a/x feminist movement is also realized as belonging to and aligning with traditions of Indigenous feminisms, Woman of color feminisms, Black feminist traditions, Marxist feminism’s, feminism in the third-world, and Indigenista theory. We understand the politics of this caucus as rooted in the revolutionary feminist traditions that have long served colonized peoples. We seek to build broad struggle among all colonized people but center Pueblo people in acknowledgment that the misogynistic violence stemming from a distortion of history that leads our communities to adopt the institutions of heteropatriarchy, capitalism, weaponized religion as “traditional”. This creates particularly hostile conditions for Pueblo Femmes, LBGTQ2+, and gender non-conforming people. We aim to organize and educate all those seeking freedom from the violence of heteropatriarchy, capitalism, settler colonialism, white supremacy, etc. and strive toward honoring truly traditional Pueblo governance structures by restoring a balance of power among all genders that enables collaborative and cooperative development of a life-affirming world for ourselves and all our relations of the Earth. We work in this caucus to dismantle toxic systems and build power, infrastructure, and community, that will turn back the tides of destruction that diminish our sacred way of life as Pueblo/a/x people.

For more information, contact: trnpfc@gmail.com

Check out our podcast on Pueblx Feminism: https://soundcloud.com/redrevolutionradio/1-19-19-pueblo-feminism-and-the-womens-march-11919-425-pm