Red Revolution Radio: Pueblx Feminism: Three Centuries Of Pueblo Resistance

The anti-Pueblo celebration known as the Entrada was officially abolished last summer in Santa Fe. This victory belongs to the Pueblo and Navajo womxn who courageously took to the streets to demand accountability from the city for capitalizing on this racist celebration of Pueblo genocide.

This summer, the Pueblo and Navajo womxn of The Red Nation returned to celebrate this victory and continue our grassroots work to build a successful movement for Pueblo liberation with two events during the week of Santa Fe Indian Market. We chose Indian Market week to capture the energy and volume of Pueblo people and visitors who are gathered in Santa Fe to celebrate Native art and culture. Our events aligned with this year’s Indian Market theme about honoring the resilience of Native women.

This recording comes from the Three Centuries of Pueblo Resistance held in Santa Fe on August 14, 2019. Sponsored by the Pueblx Feminist Caucus, this panel explores the vibrant history of Pueblo resistance and rally for future victories to liberate Pueblo people from settler colonialism once and for all.

Panelists include Beata Tsosie-Peña from Santa Clara Pueblo, Nicole Martin from Laguna Pueblo, Lorelai Chavez from Kewa, Justine Teba from Tesuque Pueblo, and Jennifer Marley from San Ildefonso Pueblo.