The Red Nation to Host Teach-In on Friday the 13th


Albuquerque, New Mexico —The Red Nation to hold teach-in as part of International Days of Action Against Sanctions and Economic War

WHAT: U.S Empire: The Real Nightmare

WHEN: Friday, March 13, 2020, 6:00pm-8:00pm

WHERE: Larry Casuse Freedom Center, 1421 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87106

WHY: What Jason is to Crystal Lake, the United States is to the rest of the world: an out-of-control serial killer that wears the mask of democracy to justify its never-ending war on the planet. Join us on Friday the 13th as we unmask the U.S. for the murderous empire it really is.

Imperialism elicits images of bombs over Baghdad (i.e. military intervention) and U.S.-backed military coups in Latin America (i.e. intelligence). Although military intervention and intelligence are common tactics in the U.S. arsenal of world domination, they aren’t the only ones. The U.S. deploys a spectrum of war strategies to advance it’s agenda, including economic war.

Sanctions are a weapon of economic war imposed by the U.S. and its partners against countries that resist their agendas. Sanctions result in chronic poverty, shortages of basic necessities, economic dislocation, disease, chaotic hyperinflation, and artificial famines.

In every country, the poorest and the weakest – infants, children, the chronically ill, and the elderly – suffer the worst impact of sanctions.

U.S.-imposed sanctions violate international law and are a tool of regime change. They impact a third of humanity in 39 countries. They are a crime against humanity used, like military intervention and intelligence, to topple popular governments and movements. They provide economic and military support to pro-U.S. right-wing forces. Yet all of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates claim that sanctions are the safer, kinder alternative to war.

On Friday the 13th, we will hold a teach-in to educate our community and relatives about sanctions and their role in the imperial project of the United States. We’ll hear from The Red Nation comrades about the links between sanctions abroad and the devastating impacts of resource extraction in Indigenous lands here in Turtle Island. We’ll also hear from our All African Peoples Revolutionary Party comrades about the role that sanctions play in generating endless wars waged by the United States on the Global South. Finally, we’ll hear from comrades in Standing Up for Racial Justice about a local project in Albuquerque that maps the infrastructure of U.S. empire in the city, which includes Lockheed Martin, Intel, Kirtland Airforce Base, and the University of New Mexico. We’ll end with a conversation about next steps for antiwar organizing in Albuquerque and New Mexico more broadly.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information on the International Days of Action Against Sanctions and Economic War, go to



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